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        If the name does not sound familiar to you World War Two 
        Veterans its because this is the name it was given when I was 
        introduced to this 63ft boat. You may know it as a Crash Boat, 
        Emergency Rescue Boat, Air Sea Rescue boat, and as the plaque 
        on the boat reads ARB. I know for you military people that ARB 
        in WWII meant Battle Damage Repair Ship, but that's the name 
        given by the builders of these boats. 

        Let me tell you how I was introduced to these boats. I joined 
        the Sea Scout Ship Tiger Shark 1978, and they had a 63ft AVR, 
        and I took to it like ducks take to water. Also in the Sea 
        Scouts was the Farrallon, Compass Rose, Sea Witch, Chaser, and
        the Revenge where all 63ft AVR's. You really need to see these 
        boats to appreciate them. That's one of the reasons I started 
        this page was to let you know about them, and second was to 
        gather any information I could about these boats before all 
        the records are gone.

        The Navy, Army Air Corps, and Army Corps of Engineers used 
        them. So if you have any information on these boats during 
        WWII please let me know (boat #, area of operation, squadron 
        #, combat stories, logbooks, pictures, manuals), you can use 
        my E-mail at the bottom of this page. 

SSS Tiger Shark

63'ARB No. C-36301 Built for the Navy by Fellows and Stewart Wilmington, Calif. Sept. 1944 Bureau Plan No. 603100 Hull No. C36301

Squadron: List  

10th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron
11th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron
12th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron
13th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron
14th  Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron
15th Emergency Rescue Boat Squadron

Air-Sea Rescue 1941-1952

Have found a place to read 16mm micro film will start update weekly 05/23/2011


AVR  Blueprints of the Deck Plan
AVR  Blueprints of the Inboard Plan & Profile
AVR  Blueprints of the Outboard Plan
AVR   Aircraft Rescue boat at high speed (size 353KB)
AVR1  Stern view of three boats underway.
AVR2  Port quarter view underway
AVR3  Port bow underway (good photo from a magazine)
AVR4  Crash boat gose to the rescue of a downed PBY. The U.S.S. Guadalcanal CVE-60
             in the background June 19, 1945. (size 356KB)

Thanks to David Ford for the next 4 photos.
AVR5  Pictures of 4 AVR's 160(B70) 152(B66) 153(B67) 154(B68) Photo taken from 155(B69)(size 1.25MB)
AVR6  Model 152 Under construction(size 955KB)
AVR7  All the people at Miami Boat Yard who helped build it.(size 2.43MB)
AVR8  Model 292 (flush deck) Russian Patrol Craft (Sub Chaser)(size 1.13MB)

Sea Scouts

A photo of the Tiger Shark on the Sacramento Delta just coming off Steamboat Slough
Photos of Tiger Shark In Richmond's Inner Harbor (from Chris Wimmer)
Tiger Shark 1
Tiger Shark 2
Tiger Shark 3
Tiger Shark 4
Tiger Shark 5
Tiger Shark 6
Tiger Shark 7

Tiger Shark facts: - 63' .4" long      15'6" beam      
ORIGINAL Fuel tanks were non baffled, 800 gallons one on 
each side... replaced with steel baffled tanks each holding 
409 gallons.

two water tanks, 164 gallons each, and were in the aft 
compartment.    When you were on the Tiger Shark there was 
a hatchway to the aft compartment,  this was not original.  
we put that in after not being able to keep water out of 
the aft compartment.  The railing stanceons were all made 
out of monel..   

The bridge was open when we first got it..  and enclosed 
afterwards..  the mast used to sit on the main deck..   the 
ratheon radar was put on in about 1969.  My father built 
the cabinet it was in on the bridge.   

The skippers quarters were added.. including the head..  it 
used to be an area accessed on both sides,   like going 
down the on the Port side...(from Chris Wimmer)


S.S.S. Neptune Web-Page
Thanks to Nate Eckler Executive Officer, S.S.S. Neptune for the following web-page

63' AVRs and 104' ASRs ready for deployment at the Stephens Bros. Museum. Photo courtesy of the Haggin Museum

Compass Rose
Thanks to Dave Stanberry of the Compass Rose. The one in the cradle was taken at Mare Island 8/78
and the other one was taken in Petaluma 12/77 ...maybe 76.

SES Marion J. Bayne
Thanks to Mark Alpen of the Marion J. Bayne(Belmonster), Belmont, CA. Off Point Conception
in August of 1962, heading south. Photo was taken by a Navy PBY from Point Hueneme flown by a
former Belmont Sea Scout.


Orel  Thanks to Gene Orloff for this photo The background is Muir Glacier in Glacier Bay

Seafarer  Thanks to Gary Humphreys for this nice picture of his AVR.

If anyone would like to contribute a photo of his or her AVR please send me a scanned photo.

AVR C2615
Thanks to Mike Heenan for this photo of an AVR docked at the Karamursel Air Station, Karamursel Turkey.

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