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This page will have pictures of the (Men, Planes, Ships, and Places) of WWII


BB-32   U.S.S. WYOMING 3/4 bow view underway (size 350KB)
BB-34   U.S.S. NEW YORK aerial oblique underway (size 354KB)
BB-39   U.S.S. ARIZONA surface broadside (size 341KB)
BB-41   U.S.S. MISSISSIPPI aerial of BB-41 3/4 stern view underway
BB-48   U.S.S. WEST VIRGINA aerial broadside underway (size 349KB)
BB-57   U.S.S. SOUTH DAKOTA aerial ¾ bow view underway, 8/9/43 (size 356KB)


CV-2   U.S.S. LEXINGTON stbd. broadside underway. (size 341KB)
CV-3   U.S.S. SARATOGA in the Solomon Island 1942 (size 346KB)
CV-6   U.S.S. ENTERPRISE near Espiritu Santo, April 13,1943. (size 353KB)
CV-8   U.S.S. HORNET & PT's off Pearl Harbor 04/30/1942 (size 359KB)
CV-10   U.S.S. YORKTOWN aerial view of CV-10 in Saipan Invasion 07/17/1944(size 352KB)

Escort Carriers
CVE-60   Crash boat gose to the rescue of a downed PBY. The U.S.S. Guadalcanal CVE-60 in
the background June 19, 1945. (size 356KB)
CVE-65   U.S.S. WAKE ISLAND aerial 3/4 bow view underway Nov. 9,1944 (size 350KB)
CVE-73   U.S.S. GAMBIER BAY famous photo of the Gambier Bay being bracketed by shells
from the Jap fleet. The 7th fleet Carrier Escort Group fought off in the Battle Leyte Gulf. (size 344KB)


CA-31   U.S.S. AUGUSTA aerial broad off the port bow (size 360KB)
CA-32   U.S.S. NEW ORLEANS aerial broadside view underway 11/09/1943(size 358KB)
CA-33   U.S.S. PORTLAND aerial 3/4 bow underway, 1/17/44(size 659KB)
CA-35   U.S.S. INDIANAPOLIS ***(This picture was sent to me by Tom Pascoe)
CA-38   U.S.S. SAN FRANCISCO underway broadside at sea 8/11/42 (size 359KB)
CA-73   U.S.S. ST. PAUL aerial broadside underway March 19,1945 (size 357KB)

Light Cruisers
CL-50   U.S.S. HELENA 3/4 bow view, 1943. (size 358KB)
CL-51   U.S.S. ATLANTA surface broadside view 11/26/41 (size 354KB)
CL-52   U.S.S. JUNEAU surface 3/4 bow view, camouflage. (size 347KB)
CL-57   U.S.S. MONTPELIER aerial oblique view 11/27/42(size 350KB)


DD-395   U.S.S. DAVIS Surface broadside view camouflage. (size 358KB)
DD-407   U.S.S. STERETT aerial oblique view, underway at sea, camouflage, 5/26/42. (size 352KB)
DD-433   U.S.S. GWIN surface 3/4 bow view, underway.(size 70KB)
DD-445   U.S.S. FLETCHER aerial 3/4 bow view 1942.(size 84KB)
DD-486   U.S.S. LANSDOWNE surface broadside view camouflage 06/24/42(size 342KB)
DD-576   U.S.S. MURRAY A depth charge exploding after being dropped from the USS Murray
round No. 3 Aug. 27,1942. (size 366KB)
DD-651   U.S.S. COGSWELL coming alogside the USS Ticonderoga CV-14 for refueling in heavy seas.
Cogwell's bow is under water Feb. 2, 1945. (Size 354KB)
DD-685   U.S.S. PICKING Aerial broadside view underway Dec. 2, 1943  (size 371KB)

Destroyer Escorts
DE-220   U.S.S. F.M. ROBINSON gun crew with 1.1/75 cal. gun on station(size 341KB)

PT Boats

PT's   PT's & U.S.S. HORNET off Pearl Harbor 04/30/1942 (same picture as CV-8) (size 359KB)
PT 369   heads south to Halmahera on first combat patrol (size 369KB)

Emergency Rescue Boats

AVR   Aircraft Rescue boat at high speed (size 364KB)
AVR   Stern view of three boats underway (size 331KB)
AVR   Port quarter view underway (size 367KB)
AVR   Port bow view underway (size 257KB)
( I call these boats AVR's, but you may know them by Crash boats, Air Sea Rescue boats, Emergency Rescue Boats, or ARB's. This is my Favorite boat.)


SS-287   U.S.S. BOWFIN ID photo aerial port bow(size 359KB)

Fleet Auxiliaries

Cargo Ships
AK-22   U.S.S. FOMALHAUT ID photo close up 3/4 bow view(size 340KB)
Attack Transport Ships
APA-30   U.S.S. THOMAS JEFFERSON stbd. qtr. view 1942(size 364KB)
AO 43   The USS Bon Homme Richard CV-31 is fueled by the USS Tappahanock AO-43 as the
USS Missouri BB-63 awaits its turn. (size 358KB)


F4U   F4U Corsair near Okinawa April 10, 1945 in flight side view.(size 344KB)
F6F   F6F Hellcats getting ready to take off from the flight deck of CV-10 U.S.S. YORKTOWN
02/17/45.(size 340KB)
Scout Bombers
SB2C   Two SB2C's on way to attack Guam, side view July 1944.(size 68KB)


Pearl Harbor
Pearl   Wrecked USS Downes DD-375 at left and the USS Cassin DD-372 at right, in the rear is the USS Pennsylvania BB-38 12/07/41. (size 351KB)

Guadalcanal   By truck and on foot, US Marines leave Guadalcanal after months of bitter fighting.
These men were in the first landings and were the last to leave. (size 361KB)
Guadalcanal   Marines man a field gun during the early days on the canal. (size 359KB)
Guadalcanal   View of Henderson field, Dec. 9,1942. (you can see the ridge in this picture) (size 359KB)
Guadalcanal   Japanese soldiers killed in the battle of Tenaru River, August 21, 1942. Japanese tried
to storm marine machine gun position.(size 192KB)
Guadalcanal   Maj. Gen. Alexander Vandergrift in his tent on Guadalcanal 1942.(size 99KB)

Tarawa   General Holland M."Howling Mad" Smith and Maj. Gen. Julian C. Smith inspecting wrecked Jap Installations on Betio Is., Tarawa, 02/01/44.  (size 373KB)
Tarawa   Aerial of Bititu island during invasion. Alt. 200' landing force on beachhead of side of northern the island 11/22/43. (size 363KB)

Saipan   2 marines fall on the beach on Saipan--Jap sniper hidden in the thickets hit the two men toppling them into the sand. 06/14/44  (size 368KB)


Admirals   Fleet Admiral Nimitz and Vice Admiral Halsey aboard New Jersey BB-62 12/25/44.
                 (size 98KB)
Patton   Full length photo of Patton beside a tank. (size 113KB)


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