Hot Wheels 2011 Racing Challange

  I've put to gather a 32 car race to see which of the Hot Wheels car I have are the fastest 
for 2011.  Each year I will have this 32 car double elimination race to see which of the 
Hot Wheels I have is the fastest.  A car will be retired if it looses 2 races in a row and 
new car will be selected the following year to take it's place.

  It all started with one of my co-workers wanting to buy his young daughter hot wheels 
for Christmas, so they could sit and see you had the fastest car.  That took me back to 
when I was young and would sit around on a raining day with my Hot Wheels Redline 
track and race my cars to see which was the fastest.  It wasn't a fair race because I had 
my favorite one's.  

  So, I was thinking it would be fun to find if Hot Wheels still made a track like the 
one I had or find an old Red Line track to buy on Ebay and buy some cars.    Then I got 
to thinking about putting together race like I did when I was playing on those raining 
days.  So, I came up with this 32-car double elimination race.  Well the track was the 
problem they don't just make a two-lane track for racing anymore, so I had to go on Ebay 
to try and find one.  As everybody knows and I found out that if your looking find 
something old on Ebay it' going to cost you some money.  So, I started looking on the 
Internet to see if there was some other way to buy a Hot Wheels track.  That's when I 
came across the site Redline Derby Racing, well even though  I've never contacted the 
site owner he has given me the answers to all the question I had about my track problems.

  Build my own, so I did.  So below you'll find the bracket and the cars that will take 
place in this 2011 challenge.

The Track will be Two Lanes and it will be 20' 7" long. (It's being built)

32 Car Double Elimination

The Cars

  1. '67 Pontiac Firebird 400
  2. Jet Threat 3.0
  3. Custom 67 Mustang
  4. 67 Chevelle SS 396
  5. Plymouth Duster Thruster
  6. Lotus Concept
  7. Riley Scott MkIII Racing
  8. Howlin' Heat
  9. Formula Street
  10. '71 Maverick Grabber
  11. '72 Ford Grand Torino Sport
  12. Twin Mill III
  13. Prototype H-24
  14. '67 Shelby GT-500
  15. Dodge Challenger Drift Car
  16. Olds 442
  17. GP-2009
  18. '69 Copo Corvette
  19. Back to the Future Time Machine
  20. '71 Dodge Demon
  21. '70 Pontiac GTO
  22. '68 Chevy Nova
  23. Dixie Challenger
  24. Ferrari 458 Italia
  25. Urban Agent
  26. Danica Patrick 2010 Chevy Impala
  27. The Batman Batmobile
  28. Super Tsunami
  29. AMC Javelin AMX
  30. Enzo Ferrari
  31. Shelby Cobra 427 S/C (/C/)
  32. Porsche 911 GT2 (/C/)

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