Class: Gleaves
Commissioned 02/11/1941
Length Overall 348' 3"
Extreme Beam: 36' 1"
Standard Displacement tons
Normal Displacement tonsl:
Max Draft:
Mean Draft;
17' 5"
11' 10"
Ships Company: Off. 16; Enl.: 260
Armament: Primary: (5) 5"/38 cal. DP
Armament: Secondary: (6) .5
(6) 20mm
Armament: Torpedo Tubes: (10) 21" quint.
ASW: (2) DCP
Designed Speed: 37.4 knots
Designed Shaft Horse Power: 50,000 shp
Screws: 2
Engine Manufacturer: Westinghouse
Type: Turbine
Fuel (oil) tons 450 - 500

WAR DIARY of the USS BUCHANAN Nov.1 to 30, 1942

Action Report on the Night of Nov. 11-12, 1942" of USS BUCHANAN

CONFIDENTIAL WAR DIARY U.S.S. BUCHANAN (DD484) From: November 1, 1942 To: November 30, 1942
CONFIDENTIAL G.C.T. L.W.T. November 1, 1942 Oct. 31 1300 0000 Steaming in company with Task Group 64.4, 62.6.1, and 62.6.2 under command of Rear Admiral Callaghan (Comtaskfor 64). Ships in company: SAN FRANCISCO (Flag) McKEAN HUNTER LIGGET MANLEY PRESIDENT HAYES BARNETT NEVILLE HEYWOOD FOMALHAUT STERRETT GWIN BUCHANAN McCALLA LAFFEY WALKE Enroute Guadalcanal Island, Solomon Islands. 1748 0448 Sighted Meralay Island bearing 000°T, distance about 12 miles. 1913 0613 Sighted Gana Island, bearing 340°T, distance about 16 miles. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 30'S. Long. 167° 15'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov. 1 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 01'S. Long. 166° 31'E. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 12° 47'S. Long. 165° 14'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 2, 1942 Nov. 1 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 10° 56'S. Long. 163° 23'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov. 2 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 10° 09'S. Long. 163° 25'E. 0500 1600 Units in company designated Task Force 65 under command Rear Admiral Callaghan in SAN FRANCISCO by ComSoPac dispatch 291002 of October 1942. Oplan C-1 of Task Force 65 became effective. BUCHANAN in support Group, Task Group 65.4. 0630 1730 Task Group 61.9 joined and reported for duty with Task Force 65 as Task Group unit, composed of: PENSACOLA CUSHING PRESTON MUSTIN ANDERSON 0725 1825 Went alongside SAN FRANCISCO and obtained radio message for transmittal upon getting well clear of formation to eastward. 0730 1825 Left formation to carry out orders of Commander Task Force 65. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 10° 13'S. Long. 162° 44'E. 0925 2025 Ordered to rejoin Task Force formation without transmitting radio message. Commenced steaming to rejoin. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 3, 1942 Nov. 2 1437 0137 Rejoined Task Force 65 formation and took position in screen. Transport groups and destroyer screen present. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 11° 08'S. Long. 163° 55'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov. 3 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 10° 38'S. Long. 163° 16'E. 0300 1400 Cruiser groups and screening destroyers rejoined Task Force formation Task Group 65.3 joined formation. This group consisted of: ATLANTA BENHAM AARON WARD LARDNER FLETCHER 0310 1410 Sighted Santa Ana Island, bearing 256°T. 0405 1505 Took position with Task Group 65.4 screen. Ships in Task Group: SAN FRANCISCO, HELENA, STERRET, LAFFEY, BUCHANAN. 0425 1525 Sighted San Cristobal Island, bearing 345°T. 0555 1655 Sighted Ulawa Island, bearing 315°T. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 54' 30S. Long. 161° 50'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 4, 1942 Nov. 3 1700 0400 Units of Task Force proceeded to position for landing operations on Guadalcanal Island. Task Group 65.4 commenced patrolling in Indispensable Strait, north and east of Sealark Channel, to cover operations. 1915 0615 Entered Sealark Channel. Task Group 65.4 proceeded to area between Guadalcanal and Florida Islands. 2030 0730 Task Group 65.4 commenced patrolling area north of Guadalcanal Island to cover landing operations. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 21'S. Long. 160° 00'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 4 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 19'S. Long. 160° 05'E. 0700 1800 Retired to Indispensable Strait via Sealark Channel. 0740 1840 Task Group 65.4 commenced patrolling north and east of Sealark Channel. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 16'S. Long. 160° 49'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 5, 1942 Nov. 4 1300 0000 Continued patrolling in Indispensable Strait to screen landing group at Aola Bay, Guadalcanal/ 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 30'S. Long. 160° 44'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 5 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 28'S. Long. 160° 31'E. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 21'S. Long. 160° 44'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 6, 1942 Nov. 5 1630 0330 Task Group 65.4 commenced retirement from Guadalcanal Island area, landing operations having been completed. 1837 0537 Sighted San Cristobal Island, bearing 050°T. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 53'S. Long. 161° 38'E. 2130 0830 Sighted Aliiti Island, bearing 145°T, distance about 18 miles. Nov. 6 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 10° 13'S. Long. 162° 38'E. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 11° 52'S. Long. 163° 03'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 7, 1942 Nov. 6 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 00'S. Long. 163° 17'E. Nov. 7 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 10'S. Long. 164° 14'E. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 25'S. Long. 166° 20'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 8, 1942 Nov. 7 1755 0455 Task Group 65.4 commenced entering Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides. Destroyers patrolling to cover entrance of cruisers. 1850 0500 Destroyers of Task Group entered port. 1908 0608 Passed between Bogaccio and Tutuba Island. 1954 0654 Moored port side to STERRETT, alongside starboard side of Lackawanna in Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo, New Hebrides. Ships present: U.S.S. ALDEBARAN AARON WARD ROAMER BUCHANAN BETELGUESE LARDNER GUADALUPE McCALLA LACKAWANNA MEADE ZEILIN SOUTHARD BARNETT ROSEWOOD FULLER WALKE HUNTER LIGGETT ANDERSON STRATFORD MUSTIN CURTISS NEVILLE TANGIER HEYWOOD MACKINAC FOMALHAUT NAVAJO P.C. 476 PENSACOLA SAN FRANCISCO HELENA ATLANTA AYLWIN CONYNGHAM CUSHING STERRETT PRESTON GWIN FLETCHER LAFFEY S.S.PHILIP H. SHERIDAN SANTA ANNA LIPSCOMB LYKES. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 8, 1942 Nov. 7 Task Force 65 as constituted abolished and new task force 65 established by Comsopac dispatch 061232 of November, 1942. New Task Force 65 constituted as follow: SAN FRANCISCO (Flag-Rear-Adm. Callaghan) HELENA LAFFEY BUCHANAN GWIN STERRETT 2020 0720 Fueled ship from LACKAWAANNA. 2251 0951 Underway to shift berths. 2332 1032 Task Group 67.4 present designated by ComSoPac dispatch 072332 of November, 1942, constituted as follows: SAN FRANCISCO (Flag - Rear Adm. Callaghan) HELENA PENSACOLA LAFFEY BUCHANAN GWIN STERRETT PRESTON CUSHING To operate under Comtaskfor 67 Oplan 23-42. Comtaskfor 67 - Rear Adm. Turner in McCAWLEY. Additional ships designated by Comtaskfor 67 Oplan 23-42 to become part of Task Group 67.4 upon joining: PORTLAND JUNEAU SHAW MONSSEN Nov.8 0022 1122 Anchored in berth C-2, Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides. 0500 1600 Received one replacement torpedo and warhead from CONYNGHAM, completing allowance of five torpedoes. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 9, 1942 0000 1100 Commenced dragging anchor. Prepared to get underway to shift berths. 0019 1119 Underway to shift berths. 0029 1129 Anchored on south side of Segond Channel on following anchor bearings: Wharf 308°T. Beacon 343°T. Front Beacon, Belchif Pt. 018°T. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 10, 1942 Nov. 9 1820 0520 Got underway for sea in accordance with previous signal from ComTask Group 67.4. 1905 0605 Passed between Bogaccio and Tutuba Islands, commenced patrolling to cover sortie of Task Group 67.4. 1955 0655 Task Group 67.4 formed cruising disposition. Ships in company: SAN FRANCISCO (Flag-Rear Adm. Callaghan) HELENA BUCHANAN PENSACOLA PRESTON LAFFEY GWIN STERRETT CUSHING 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 15° 50'S. Long. 167° 07'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 10 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 15° 23'S. Long. 166° 09'E. 0630 1730 PENSACOLA, PRESTON and GWIN left formation to proceed on duty assigned. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 11'S. Long. 164° 36'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 11, 1942 Nov. 10 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 11° 19'S. Long. 162° 59'E. CUSHING joined Task Group 67.4. 2200 0900 Joined transport groups of Task Group 67 and Task Group 62.4. Task Group 67.4 assumed station to screen transport groups. Force operating under command of Commander Task Force 67 (Rear Admiral turner in McCAWLEY). G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 11 0001 1101 Sighted San Cristobal Island bearing 330°T, distance about 25 miles. 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 11° 10'S. Long. 162° 33'E. 0130 1230 Task Group 67.4 formed striking force and proceeded toward Guadalcanal island area to scout for and strike enemy surface forces. 0550 1650 Sighted Guadalcanal Island bearing 310°T, distance about 35 miles. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 29'S. Long. 160° 52'E. 0906 2006 Formed battle disposition, column with destroyers in van, cruisers, and destroyers in rear. BUCHANAN leading destroyers in van, followed by CUSHING, LAFFEY, STERRETT, SAN FRANCISCO, HELENA, PORTLAND, JUNEAU, ARRON WARD, FLETCHER, LARDNER. 1007 2107 Sighted S.E. corner of Florida Island, bearing 318°T, distance about 15 miles. 1058 2158 Entered Sealark Channel east entrance. 1100 2200 Passed Nugu Island abeam Starboard, distance about 1.5 miles. 1201 2301 Commenced searching area between Guadalcanal, Florida, and Savo Islands for enemy forces. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 12, 1942 Nov. 11 1300 0000 Continued search for enemy forces. 1830 0530 Took station to screen transport groups, which arrived through Lengo Channel, off Lunga point, Guadalcanal Island. 1846 0546 Made underway sound contact on possible submarine at distance of 700 yards. 1849 0549 Fired standard depth charge barrage. Results indeterminate. Continued to screen transport groups during unloading operations. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 21'S. Long. 160° 00'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 12 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 20'S. Long. 159° 58'E. BUCHANAN directed to assist CUSHING in destruction of enemy landing boats on beach in area to westward of beachhead on Guadalcanal Island. Proceeded to position for shore bombardment. 0121 1221 Commenced firing on boats and targets of opportunity. 0220 1320 Ordered to return to transport area to screen transports against impeding air attack. Ceased firing, having expended 441 rounds 5"-38 caliber common, 10 rounds 5"-38 caliber illuminating, and 313 rounds 20m.m. machine gun ammunition. CUSHING and BUCHANAN destroyed about 30 landing boats and set several small supply dumps on fire. There were no material or personnel casualties. 0243 1343 Resumed station in transport screen, all ships underway and maneuvering to minimize danger from, and to repel, enemy air attack. 0310 1410 Sighted large force of Japanese twin-engined torpedo and bombing planes, escorted by fighters, distance about 10 miles. Planes broke up into small groups and commenced attack from starboard side of formation. 0314 1414 Opened fire with main battery and machine guns on enemy planes. 0316 1416 Struck by 5" shell in number two stack. This projectile exploded tearing a large hole in starboard side of stack and destroying number 3 20 m.m. machine gun. One officer and four enlisted personnel were killed and eight enlisted personnel wounded, one seriously. Considerable damage done to torpedo mount and ship's upper works by shrapnel. At about the same time, 5-20 mm machine gun was hits were received on port side. All exploded on impact with no damage to personnel or material. All of these projectiles were apparently fired by own forces. Ship was also struck at this time by one or more small-calibre machine gun bullets from tail gun of Japanese plane crossing ahead under fire of own and neighboring ships. 0322 1422 Ceased fire. Japanese planes all destroyed or withdrawn from ea with heavy losses. About twenty twin-engined torpedo planes were destroyed by antiaircraft fire from surface ships and by fire from friendly fighter planes. One plane crashed aboard SAN FRANCISCO, causing damage and casualties to that vessel. Expended 111 rounds 5"-38 calibre common, 97 rounds 1".1 machine gun, and 222 rounds 20-m.m. machine gun ammunition. There were 13 personnel casualties as follows: KILLES IN ACTION (5" HIT ON STACK?) Ensign John W. Banta, D-V(G), U.S.N.R. CORNONI, Andrew (None), 606-30-24, S1c, V6, USNR. Fuller, Raymond, B., 622-05-26, SC3c, V6, USNR. MULLALY, Leo G., 606-31-48, F3c, V-6, USNR. ZAHOREC, Stephen P., 650-22-12, S2c, V-6, USNR. WOUNDED IN ACTION (shrapnel from 5" hit on stack) CRONIN, Joseph L., 200-51-28, CTM(PA), USN. CHAMBERS, Alto J., 311-61-65, F2c, USN. GARRIS, Ollie B. Jr., 262-89-52, EM3c, USN. KOSKO, Robert P., 650-14-39, MM2c, V-6, USNR. SCHILLING, Erwin H., 337-15-75, GM3c, USN. SCHULER, Lou E., 258-43-65, S1c, USN. WICKHAM, John K., 200-38-48, TM2c, V-6, USNR. WOUNDED IN ACTION (machine gun bullet from enemy plane). OGLIARO, Renzo J., 402-51-23, QM2c, O-1, USNR. Material Damage Received: Hole 8' x 6' in after stack. #3-20m.m. machine and mount damaged beyond repair. Torpedo mount electrical connections severed, three barrel doors damaged, one torpedo tail assembly damaged. Miscellaneous shrapnel damage to #1 stack, flag bags, ready ammunition boxes, electrical leads to mast, after bulkhead and overhead of electrical workshop, stanchions, torpedo handling crane, etc. 0530 1630 Ship directed to proceed to northeast of Savo Island to pick up enemy aviation personnel in water. Proceeded to area accompanied by cruiser scouting plane. 0630 1730 Sighted four Japanese in water. Picked up two but directed plane to destroy remaining two in view of their refusal to be picked up, the possibility of submarine attack, and the necessity of rejoining formation prior to darkness. 0650 1750 Held funeral services for one officer and four enlisted personnel killed in action in lat. 9° 14' S, Long. 159° 58' E. 0745 1845 Rejoined transport group, reported for duty in their screen in accordance with previous signal from Commander Task Force 67, and commenced retirement from area in company via Lengo Channel. In company McCAWLEY, PRES. JACKSON, LIBRA, BETELGEUSE, PRES. HAYES, CRESCENT CITY, ALHENA, ALCHIBA, SHAW, BUCHANAN, McCALLA, SOUTHARD, HOVEY. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 9° 23'S. Long. 160° 21'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 13, 1942 Nov. 12 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 11° 20'S. Long. 162° 07'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. Nov 13 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 12° 04'S. Long. 162° 37'E. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 13° 08'S. Long. 163° 43'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 14, 1942 Nov. 13 2045 0745 Sighted Espiritu Santo Island bearing 130°T. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 20'S. Long. 166° 09'E. 2116 0816 Sighted Task Group 67.4 bearing 025°T, distance about 15 miles. 2200 0900 On signal from Commander Task Force 67 left transport group to join Task Group 67.4. Nov 14 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 14° 39'S. Long. 167° 05'E. 0130 1230 Took position in Task Group 67.4 formation, proceeding to Segond Channel, Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides. Ships in company: HELENA (O.T.C.) SAN FRANCISCO BUCHANAN STERRETT FLETCHER 0510 1610 Passed between Bogaccio and Tutuba Island. 0518 1618 Entered Segond Channel. 0554 1654 Moored port side to GUADALUPE in SEGOND CHANNEL, Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides. Ships Present: U.S.S. CURTISS (Comairsopac - SOPA) GUADALUPE SAN FRANCISCO NASSAU HELENA TAPPAHANNOCK STERRETT FOMALHAUT FLETCHER TANGIER O'BANNON ZEILIN BUCHANAN ROSEWOOD STACK S.S. CYNGUS LARDNER SANTA ANA AYLWIN LIPSCOMB LYKES WILKES DEL BASIL DELPHINEAS PHILIP SHERIDAN HEYWOOD JAN ADAMS GULFSTAR MANOEVANT WILLIAM WHIPPLE ABRAHAM CLARK November 14, 1942 0605 1705 Fueled from GUADALUPE. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 15, 1942 Nov. 14 1904 0604 Underway to shift berths. 1935 0635 Moored starboard side to FLETCHER in berth D-1 Segond Channel Espiritu Santo Island, New Hebrides. Following ships stood in: U.S.S. McCAWLEY BETELGEUSE PRESIDENT JACKSON PRESIDENT ADAMS CRESCENT CITY LIBRA McCALLA SHAW HOVEY SOUTHARD 2037 0737 Transferred Japanese prisoners to McCAWLEY. 2325 1025 U.S.S. SOLACE stood in. Nov 15 0000 1100 Following ships stood in: S.S. JOAQUIN MILLER H.M.S. MAITA U.S.S. PC476 G.C.T. L.W.T. November 16, 1942 Nov. 15 1827 0527 U.S.S. SOUTHARD got underway and stood out. Nov 16 0320 1420 U.S.S. SHAW and NICHOLAS got underway and stood out. 0335 1435 U.S.S. SOLACE got underway and stood out. 0400 1500 Following ships stood in: U.S.S. NORTHAMPTON PENSACOLA MORRIS ANDERSON RUSSELL 0622 1722 Formed Task Group 62.7 consisting of HELENA, SAN FRANCISCO, STERRETT, BUCHANAN in accordance with Comtaskfor dispatch 160622 of November, 1942. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 17, 1942 Nov. 16 1900 0600 Following ships got underway and stood out: U.S.S. O'BANNON McCALLA YN26 PRESIDENT JACKSON PRESIDENT ADAMS CRESCENT CITY 2008 0708 U.S.S. SHAW and NICHOLAS stood in. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 18, 1942 Nov. 17 2040 0740 U.S.S. VESTAL stood in. 2101 0801 Underway to shift berths. 2110 0810 Anchored in Segond Channel with anchorage bearings : Store pier 273°T., Black Rock Pt. 113°T., Belchif Pt. 226°. Nov 18 0120 1220 Transferred four (4) torpedoes with warheads (complete) to FLETCHER. 0200 1300 HMS LEANDER stood in. 0430 1530 Underway in company with Task Group 62.7 for Noumea, New Caledonia. Ships in company: U.S.S. HELENA (O.T.C.) BUCHANAN SAN FRANCISCO GWIN STERRETT Movement ordered by HELENA dispatch 180013 of November, 1942. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 18, 1942 0449 1549 Stood out of Segond Channel. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 16° 08'S. Long. 166° 50'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 19, 1942 Nov. 18 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 19° 22'S. Long. 167° 44'E. Nov. 19 0100 1200 Ship's position: Lat. 20° 25'S. Long. 168° 07'E. 0640 1740 Sighted Mare Island bearing 280°T. 0900 2000 Ship's position: Lat. 22° 09'S. Long. 168° 28'E. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 20, 1942 Nov. 19 2040 0740 Commenced entering port of Noumea, New Caledonia. 2100 0800 Ship's position: Lat. 22° 29' 30"S. Long. 166° 27' 45"E. 2306 1006 Moored starboard side to STERRETT and S.S. J. C. McDONALD in berth 24, Dumba Bay, Noumea, New Caledonia. Ships present: U.S.S. WASHINGTON ANTARES SOUTH DAKOTA ENTERPRISE S.S. ROBIN WINTLY SAN FRANCISCO MONTGOMERY HELENA HAWAIIAN PLANTER SAN DIEGO PANAIR STACK ORNE DALE FAIR ISLE CONYNGHAM ESSO RICHMOND O'BANNON CYRUS McCORMICK STERRETT E. J. HENRY BUCHANAN MANTILES GWIN J. C. McDONALD MAHAN SOUTHARD HUNTER LIGGETT STRATFORD MATSONIA McCAWLEY CRESCENT CITY PRESIDENT JACKSON PRESIDENT ADAMS KENMORE PLATTE LACKAWANNA POLLUX LASSEN WHITNEY PROMETHEUS ROAMER ARGONNE 2350 1050 Fueled from S.S. J. C. McDONALD. Nov. 20 0145 1245 Underway to shift berths. 0224 1324 Moored in nest alongside of port side WHITNEY in berth A-3, Great Roads, Noumea, New Caledonia for repairs to battle damage and ship's overhaul and upkeep. November 21, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 22, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 23, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 24, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 25, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 26, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 27, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 28, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. November 29, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 29, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. Nov. 28 2345 1045 Received 47 rounds 5"-38 calibre illuminating projectiles, 599 rounds 5"-38 calibre powder cartridges, 3Mk. 7 depth charges, and 6 Mk. 6 depth charges from U.S.S. LASSEN. G.C.T. L.W.T. November 30, 1942 Continued repairs, overhaul, and upkeep. Nov.29 2144 0844 Fueled ship from U.S.S. WHITNEY. SUBMITTED: H. A. KNOERTZER, Lieut. Comdr., U.S.N., Navigator. APPROVED: RALPH E. WILSON, Commander, U.S.N., Commanding.
SERIAL 00133 NOVEMBER 14, 1942 U.S.S. BUCHANAN (DD484) DD484/A16-3 14 November 1942
Serial 00133 From: Commanding Officer. To : Commander Task Force Sixty Seven. Via : (1) Commander Task Group Sixty Seven point four. (2) Commander Destroyer Division Ten. Subject: Report of Action Against Enemy - 12 November, 1942. Reference: (a) U.S. Navy Regulations, 1920, Article 712. (b) H. O. Chart No. 2916. Enclosures: (A) Report of Executive Officer, U.S.S. BUCHANAN. 1. In accordance with reference (a) the following report of action against the enemy by this vessel on 12 November, 1942 is submitted:- (a) At 1200, while on station off Kokum, Guadalcanal, screening transports as part of Task Group 67.4, received orders from Commander Task Force 67 to join CUSHING off Tassafaronga, Guadalcanal, and assist that vessel in bombarding enemy landing boats visible along the beach between Kokumbona and Tassafaronga. Proceeded at 25 knots and at 1217 took station astern of CUSHING on course 310°T, speed 15 knots, distance 2100 yards from beach. At 1221 opened fire with main battery on landing boats targets visible along the beach. At 1228, following motions of CUSHING turned to course 150°T and resumed fire at visible beach targets. Following motions of CUSHING continued firing while maneuvering at fifteen knots on various courses on patrol approximately parallel to the beach line between Tassafaronga and Kokumbona. Direct hits were obtained by the two ships on approximately twenty-five landing boats of various sizes. One large landing boat, apparently well stacked with gasoline, burned violently after being hit. A friendly, cruiser type, observation plane, continued to fly over the area during the bombardment and assisted both ships by diving on suitable targets along and slightly inshore from the beach. Several fires were started a hundred yards back from the beach in what appeared to be supply or equipment dumps. When the range closed to about 1500 yards, used the 1.1 and 20 m.m. machine guns on landing boat targets. At 1320 received word of Impending enemy air attack, ceased firing and proceeded to rejoin transport at27 knots. Ammunition expended: 441 rounds 5" AA common, 10 rounds 5: AA illuminating, and 313 rounds 20 m.m. machine gun. There were no material or personnel casualties. (b) At 1343 took station in anti-aircraft screen around transports on course 340°T with SAN FRANCISCO bearing 130°T, distance 1000 yards, McCAWLEY bearing 145°T, distance approximately 3000 yards, ATLANTA broad on port quarter, distance approximately 1500 yards, SHAW broad on port bow, distance approximately 1000 yards. Commenced maneuvering on various courses at speed 14 knots in accordance with signals from OTC. At 1405 maneuvered to close distance to transports by taking station between SAN FRANCISCO and ATLANTA. At 1410, while on course 250°T, sighted formation of about twenty enemy torpedo planes, two points on the starboard bow, distance 14,600 yards. Planes descended to very low altitude and commenced approach on formation. At 1413 commenced firing at planes approaching on starboard bow, range about 12000 yards. At 1414, on signal, commenced changing course to the right to 160°T. Continued fire on approaching planes. At 1416 one enemy plane approaching from starboard at an elevation of about 50 feet, crossed about 100 yards ahead of this vessel and was seen to drop a torpedo when about 300 yards away on the starboard bow. The wake was not sighted but it is believed this torpedo crossed ahead. There was not sufficient time to maneuver, although the ship was swinging to the new course. At this time (1416) BUCHANAN suffered a direct hit by a five inch shell on the after side of number two stack. This shell approached from a relative bearing of about 200°. At about the same time two hits from 20m.m. machine guns were received, one at the base of the torpedo tube mount on the port side and one on the port side of number two gun shield. These machine gun hits resulted in only minor damage. The damage resulting from the five inch hit is covered in paragraph 3. At about 1419 on enemy plane passed closed aboard along the port side at an elevation of about 50 feet. This plane was taken under fire and hit by the port machine gun battery. As the plane drew ahead the ship was subjected to steady fire from the tail machine gun. A few hits resulted with no damage of any consequence except for one bullet which struck the port wing of the bridge and slightly injured one signalman. Continued to fire main battery at planes retiring on port bow, one of which was seen to go down as a result of shell fire. At 1422 all planes out of range, ceased firing. Ammunition expended: 111 rounds 5" AA common, 97 rounds 1.1 machine gun, 222 rounds 20 m.m. machine gun. 2. As a result of fire from various vessels in the formation it is estimated that about twelve enemy planes were shot down. In addition several more were observed to be destroyed by our fighter planes which were operating well out, around the formation. 3. Negligible damage to this vessel resulted from the machine gun fire of enemy planes although one man (included in summary below) was slightly wounded by a spent machine gun bullet. The damage resulting from the direct 5" hit on number two stack, however, was extensive and summarized below: (a) Personnel: (1) Killed Ensign John William Banta, D-V(G), U.S.N.R. CORNONI, Andrew, #606-30-24, Sea.1c, V6, I.S.N.R. FULLER, Raymond Budworth, #622-05-26, SC3c, V6, USNR. MULLALY, Leo Gordon, #606-31-48, F.3c, V-6, U.S.N.R. ZAHOREC, Stephen Paul, #650-22-12, Sea.2c, V6, USNR. (2) Wounded: CHAMBERS, Alton Judson, #311-61-65, F.2c, U.S.N. Shrapnel wound, right upper arm. GARRIS, Ollie Benjamin, JR., #262-89-52, EM3c, USN Shrapnel wound, right shoulder. CRONIN, Joseph Leo, #200-51-28, CTM(PA), U.S.N. Shrapnel wounds of face, upper arm, left Shoulder, left side of abdomen. SCHILLING, Erwin Herman, #337-15-75, GM3c, U.S.N. Shrapnel wound right shoulder and right Side of chin. SCHULER, Luis Edward, #258-43-65, Sea.2c, U.S.N. First degree burn, right thigh. KOSKO, Robert Paul, #650-14-39, MM2c, V6, U.S.N.R. Shrapnel wounds, right shoulder, small Shrapnel wounds over large area of the Back and on the back of each leg. WICKHAM, John Kenneth, #200-38-48, TM2c, V6, USNR Shrapnel wounds of thighs, forearms and right upper arm. OGILIARO, Renzo Joseph, #402-51-23, QM2c, O-1, USNR Small laceration of the anterior left leg (spent machine gun bullet). (b) Material: (1) Number two stack. Inner and outer casing shattered from about 020° relative to 130° relative, resulting hole extending from upper deck about 6 feet and about 8 feet across in horizontal plane. Five inch hole through after side of stack at about 160° relative. Starboard blower supply ducts at base of stack damaged. Interior baffling torn loose. Stack ladder torn loose and damaged. (2) Number three 20 m.m. machine gun and stand badly damaged by shrapnel and blast. Probably will require replacement of entire unit. (3) Torpedo tubes. Breech door on number five barrel ruptured by shrapnel, torpedo in the barrel has propellers damaged. In addition pieces of shrapnel are lodged in barrel and may have further damaged barrel and torpedo. Breech door on number four barrel struck and deeply dented, doors warped. Torpedo firing circuits cut by shrapnel, require rewiring. Door frame on number one barrel warped by shrapnel hit, unable to open breech door. (4) Miscellaneous. Several shrapnel holes through upper deck in vicinity of stack and machine gun. After bulkhead in electric workshop ruptured in several places by shrapnel, two spare gyro compass repeaters and Weston ammeter mounted on this bulkhead destroyed. Many shrapnel holes on after side of number one stack and in flag bags on bridge. Machine gun ready ammunition box mounted forward of number two stack badly damaged. Electric cables for range lights and fighting lights on foremast cut by shrapnel. Starboard deck drain piping from bridge cut by shrapnel. Torpedo crane damaged on vertical member and horizontal rack, S.T.S. shield around number three machine gun ruptured in three places. Motor boat lubricating oil tank on starboard side of main deck pierced by shrapnel. After stay from foremast carried away. 4. All personnel performed their duties in a highly commendable manner. The cool and efficient performance of duty of Lieut. (jg) A.H. Smith, Jr., (MC), U.S.N.R.; HAWKE, Walter Clovis, #243-27-06, CPhM(PA), U.S.N.; NUTSON, John Peter, #375-28-27, CBM(PA), U.S.N.; and WHITE, Warren Willard, #266-24-05, PhM2c, U,S,N, in care of the wounded and removal of the dead is particularly worthy of comment. In this connection attention is invited to enclosure (A). 5. Based on the experience of this action and a similar one on 8 August 1942 it is recommended that an anti-aircraft screen employing more than six vessels not be formed closer than 3000 yards from the vessels being screened. It is believed that an anti- aircraft screen consisting of more than six vessels and formed closer than 3000 yards offers the very likely possibility of vessels blanketing and shooting across each other where low altitude, high speed targets are involved. Furthermore, the lack of sea room precludes radical maneuvering to avoid an immediately impending attack on a screening vessel. During the action on 8 August collision with other vessels was narrowly averted and during the action covered by this report it was necessary to haul out directly away from the transports at high speed in order to avoid both the SAN FRANCISCO and ATLANTA which were converging sharply on either side. RALPH E. WILSON. CC: CTF 67 (3) CTF 67.4 (1) ComDesDiv Ten (1) ComDesRon 12 (1) File (1)
U.S.S. BUCHANAN (DD484) DD484/A16-3 14 November 1942 From: Executive Officer. To : Commanding Officer. Subject: Report following action with Japanese Planes, 12 November, 1942. Reference: (a) Article 948, U.S. Navy Regulations 1920. 1. The conduct of all officers and men attached to this vessel during the engagement with Japanese torpedo planes during the afternoon of 12 November, 1942 was excellent and highly commendatory. All hands remained at their stations and continued to engage the enemy until the last plane had been shot down or had retired in spite of the ship being struck by enemy machine gun fire and by a five inch projectile from our own forces accompanied by heavy shrapnel over the middle section of the upper decks. 2. No individual cases of heroism were noted. However, I believe the work of NUTSON, John Peter, #375-28-27, CBM(PA), USN, was worthy of comment and commendation. NUTSON led out a fire hose to the scene of damage and was standing by to fight fire by the time the damage control officer arrived from his station about 25 yards away. Immediately after the action NUTSON performed excellent service in preparing the bodies of those killed in action for burial and in cleaning up the scene of damaged immediately. 3. No incidents or damage not covered in your action report were noted. H. A. KNOERTZER.
File No. AMPHIBIOUS FORCE 133/A16-3(8) SOUTH PACIFIC FORCE 05/bn Office of the Commander Serial 00399 U.S.S. McCAWLEY, Flagship, November 15, 1942. FIRST ENDORSEMENT to CO, USS BUCHANAN Secret ltr. A16-3, Serial 00133 of November 14, 1942. From: Commander Task Force SIXTY-SEVEN. To : Commander-in-Chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Via : Commander South Pacific Force. Subject: Report of Action Against Enemy - 12 November, 1942. 1. Forwarded. R. K. TURNER.
COMSOPAC FILE A16-3/(90) SOUTH PACIFIC FORCE Serial 00133b OF THE UNITED STATES PACIFIC FLEET S-E-C-R-E-T HEADQUARTERS OF THE COMMANDER SECOND ENDORSEMENT to CO USS BUCHANA Secret Ltr. A16-3 serial 00133 Of November 14, 1942. From: The Commander South Pacific Area and South Pacific Force. To : The Commander-in-chief, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Subject: Report of Action Against Enemy - 12 November, 1942. 1. Forwarded. 2. The five-inch direct hit on #2 stack from an adjacent screening vessel is most regrettable. Battery Officers and gun captains are directly responsible that their guns do not endanger friendly vessels. This requires alert observation and good judgment during a melee or when repelling low level aircraft attacks. 3. The action of the friendly observation plane during the shore bombardment was commendable and assisted materially in this successful operation. 4. Frequent task force defensive maneuvers against simulated air attacks will reduce the difficulties now encountered during actual attacks when close anti-aircraft screens are formed. W. F. HALSEY Copy to: CO USS BUCHANAN CTF 67 CTF 67.4 Comdesdiv Ten Comdesron Twelve
USS BUCHANAN DD-484 SERIAL 00133 14 November 1942 RESCUE AT SEA STATEMENT OF OPERRATIONS TO RESCUE JAPANESE AIRMEN REPORTED IN THE WATER NORTHEAST OF SAVO ISLAND DD484/A16 U.S.S. BUCHANAN (DD484) Serial 00133 c/o Fleet Post Office, San Francisco, Cal. November 14, 1942. From: Commanding Officer. To : Commander South Pacific Forces. Via : Commander Task Force Sixty-Seven. Subject: Japanese Prisoners, Rescue of. Enclosure: (A) (Under separate cover). Clothing and Personal Effects of Prisoners. 1. About 1630, November 12, 1942, this vessel was detailed to proceed to the area northeast of Savo Island to pick up four Japanese airmen reported to be in the water by a friendly seaplane. This plane directed ship to spot by indicating bearing and then zooming the floating airmen. 2. At 1715 four Japanese were sighted in two groups about 50 yards apart. The ship was maneuvered to take them alongside to port, ring buoys on heaving lines passed to them, and a cargo net and hand lines were rigged to receive them on board. After a conversation between themselves, two of the Japanese refused to be picked up and swam away from the ship. One of these appeared to relapse into semi-consciousness and was towed out to port by his companion. The remaining two were assisted on board, separated, searched, and confined in separate compartments. 3. At 1730 owing to the possibility of a submarine attack and the necessity of rejoining the transport group prior to dark, it was deemed necessary to forgo further attempts to force the two in the water to come aboard. Word was given to the friendly plane which had landed alongside to destroy them by machine gun fire to prevent their reaching Japanese forces in the area. 4. No weapons of any sort were found on either of the two prisoners. A small amount of printed matter (in Japanese) was found on each man and one had a wrist watch and cigarette case as personal possessions. Their personal clothing was washed, dried, and returned after the labels had been removed for safekeeping. Their flight clothing and life preserves are being forwarded by separate cover, accompanied by the printed matter and personal effects mentioned above. 5. No communication between the two prisoners has taken place since they came aboard. No attempt has been made to question the prisoners for intelligence purposes. 6. The prisoners are being transferred to the McCAWLEY by direction of Commander Task Force 67. /s/ RALPH E. WILSON.
P13-10 05/hcb S E C R E T U.S.S. McCAWLEY, Flagship, November 15, 1942. FIRST ENDORSEMENT to CO, BUCHANAN (DD484) Secret ltr. A16 Ser. 00133 of November 14, 1942. From: Commander Task Force SIXTY-SEVEN. To : Commander South Pacific Force. Subject: Japanese Prisoners, Rescue of. 1. Forwarded. R. K. TURNER

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