War Diary and Action Reports November 1942,

                                   November 30, 1942.

From:          Senior Officer Present, U.S.S. WALKE (DD416).
To  :          Commander South Pacific Force.

Subject:       Report of Action U.S.S. WALKE (DD416) November 15,

Reference:     (a) Art. 712, U.S.N.R.

Enclosure:     (A) Revised Muster of U.S.S. WALKE.

     1.        Task Force 64 engaged the enemy off Savo Island on the 
night of November fourteenth - fifteenth.  Our force formed in
column in the following order: WALKE, BENHAM, PRESTON, GWIN,

     2.        Wind was slight.  Conditions of visibility were
in general poor due to enemy position close against shorelines
of Savo and Guadalcanal Islands.  Radar ranges accurately
obtainable only when enemy drew away from close island back-

     (3)       Estimated order of events follows, as all logs
and records went down with the ship.  The formation as described
streamed on course 150 True between Florida and Savo Island until
approximately 0020, reducing speed from 23 to 17 knots in search
of reported enemy.  0020 turned to course 270 True.  0030 Follow-
ing action of WASHINGTON and SOUTH DAKOTA this ship opened fire
to starboard on visible target believed to be cruiser with single
racked stack.  Continued rapid fire on this target for two
minutes with Fox Dog Radar range 11,000 yards.  Target appeared
to blow up under heavily concentrated fire.  Our formation in-
creased speed to 26 knots.  0032 checked fire and shifted
target to apparent enemy destroyer bearing one point on star-
board bow.  Resumed rapid fire at range 7500 yards by Radar.
Apparent straddles clearly visible followed by heavy black
smoke.  Flames were reported on target as she disappeared
behind the northwest point of Savo Island.  0037 checked fire
to shift target to port hand flashes of gunfire off Guadalcanal.
Resumed rapid fire.  Numerous gun flashes visible on starboard
hand.  0037 U.S.S. PRESTON blew up astern.  0039 attempted to
shift torpedo battery from Curved Fire Ahead setup to Broadside
Fire to Starboard when a heavy explosion occurred in the vicinity
of frame 45 to starboard.  Ship had been straddled twice by gun-
fire immediately prior to this explosion caused by torpedo whose
wake was observed.  Following initial explosion the ship was
struck by an apparent cruiser salvo.  Shell hits were reported
in the Radio Room, on the foremast, blew the gig davits, and in
the vicinity of gun three.  The explosion blew the forcastle
and a section of the superstructure deck completely off as far
aft as the bridge.  Fire broke out throughout the forward section
and the forward 20 M.M. magazine exploded.  The bulkhead of the 
forward fireroom was buckled, as was the main deck amidships.
All engines were ordered stop immediately and the Commanding
Officer gave word to abandon ship, which was sinking fast by
the head.  Only two life rafts were left in condition to be
freed.  Depth charges were doubled checked and reported set on
safe.  At 0042 the ship disappeared stern last.  The bow, detached,
remained afloat.  At 0043 an unknown number of our depth charges
exploded, killing and seriously injuring many of the men in the
water.  The crew was organized in the water, the most seriously 
injured being placed on the rafts.  At approximately 0200 an
enemy submarine surfaced close aboard the rafts and illuminated
all survivors for several minutes, but proceeded without incident.
An enemy destroyer later illuminated survivors on the detached
bow.  There was much shouting from this vessel, but she also
proceeded without taking action.  Survivors were sighted and
signaled at dawn by friendly planes.  The U.S.S. MEADE was
observed throughout the morning of November 15th firing on
beached enemy transports.  U.S.S. MEADE commenced picking up
survivors with aid of boats and cruiser aircraft at 1400.
151 survivors were landed at Tulagi, where 6 died from wounds
received in action.  Total killed or missing in action: 6
officers and 76 men.

     4.        During the action the U.S.S. WALKE expended 
approximately 300 5 inch anti-aircraft common projectiles.
Gun three stood by through the action for illumination by star-

     5.        The courage and coolness of the entire crew was
excellent throughout the action and the difficult period in the 
water.  Morale and cooperation was so high on the part of all
officers and men that it is impossible to cite any individual
above the group for exceptional heroism.

                                       W. J. COLLUM Jr.
                                       Lieut. U.S. Navy.

Copies to:
     C.T.F. 64 
     Comdesron 2

                                                    November 30, 1942.

From:        Senior Officer Present. U.S.S. WALKE (D416).

Subject:     Revised Muster U.S.S. WALKE. (D416).

    1.       The enclosed muster of the U.S.S. WALKE is correct to
the best of my knowledge as of November 30, 1942.

                                                W. J. COLLUM Jr.
                                                Lieut. U.S. Navy.

                SURVIVORS FROM U.S.S. WALKE (DD416)

                     KILLED IN ACTION

NAME & INITIALS                RATE             SERVICE NO.
BRUMLEY, Charles William       RM3c             295-73-96
MALENOSKY, Frank David         Sea1c            223-65-51
POPPLEWELL, Wilbur Herbert     QM2c             287-29-87
WYOOFF, Daniel Howell, Jr.     SK2c             311-31-87
VAHLKAMP, Unknown              SF3c             UNKNOWN


CLARKE, Irwin Rittor           CMM(PA)          242-50-12
DOUGHERTY, Anthony William     F1c              243-69-24
HERMAN, Ludwig Lawrence        CMM(PA)          341-41-42
WATSON, Elmer Leroy            CY(AA)           375-66-50
LARSON, Unknown                FC3c (believed)  UNKNOWN
WOODS, John Joseph             F1c              223-64-82

                      MISSING IN ACTION

FRASER, Thomas Edward          Commander        1906
BACHRACH, Alan                 Ensign (DV(C)    USNR
LACHMUND, Edwin                Ensign (DV(C)    USNR
MULVANITY, Francis Creighton   Ensign           USN 
GEYER, Norman Byron            Lieutenant MCV(G) USNR
GAULT, Alfred Wortley          Carpenter        USN
ATKINNSON, Edison Bay          Sea1c            262-98-27
BAKER, Walter Joseph           Cox              223-64-93
BODIE, William Levi            CBM(PA)          214-72-99
BURNNET, Charles Thomas        Sea1c            272-38-95
BUSSARD, John Riley            CBM(PA)          336-37-37
CARON, Normand Joseph          SC2c             201-71-42
CLARK, Walter Everett          MM2c             204-46-38
COLBURN, Wesley Winship        MM2c             201-65-86
COTTEN, Wiley Orlando          Sea2c(V-6)       616-68-10
DECKER, Alvin Herbert          SF1c             367-92-82
DESJARLAIS, Henry Arthur       Sea1c            321-60-30
Dennett, "J" "X"               Sea2c            UNKNOWN
Galindo, Unknown               Sea2c(believed)  UNKNOWN
DUCUSIN, Antonio Umel          Matt3c(V-6)      663-37-48
DUKE, Raymond Hamilton         PhM2c            268-30-12
ELLIS, Loyd Rosevelt           OC1c             242-27-96
ESTIBAL, Felix Limos           Matt3c(V-6)      633-84-61
FOLEY, John Willing            FC3c(M)          243-77-17
FINLAY, Thomas Jr.             CM2c              243-76-47
GAERTNER, Eugene Thomas        FC3c(M)          234-30-16
GALBRAITH, James William       F1c              238-51-98
HARRISON, Herbert Leroy        FC1c(M)          337-14-55
HAWES, Charles Albert          F1c              311-40-48
JANZEKOVICH, Leo (n)           Sea2c(V-6)       618-47-51
KACIN, Wadislaw (n)            CM2c             212-34-58
KELBER, Julius Joseph          BM1c             201-27-27
KIDD, Jay Dee                  Sea1c(V-6)       636-09-44
LAND, Dale Emery               Sea2c(V-2)       633-43-13
LEIGHTON, John Crozier         F1c              224-29-31
LEONARD, Ralph Carroll         GM3c             258-38-11
LONDEREE, Sidney Herbert Jr.   Sea1c            266-51-15
MAHANEY, Garrett "T"           F2c(V-6)         640-05-28
MARTELLE, George Joseph Jr.    F1c              201-83-20
MARTIN, Shuble Williams        Sea1c(V-6)       658-06-98
MAYBERRY, Grady Henry          Sea1c            268-72-17
MILLER, James "A"              F2c              274-74-19
MIMS, Randall Ray              Sea1c            269-00-17
MOORE, Colon Shelby            Sea1c            272-76-34
PATTERSON, "K" "C"             Matt1c           296-05-57
REEVES, John Frederick         EM1c             401-33-86
ROLLEN, Roy Leonard            OC2c             321-21-20
ROSS, "ED" Gerald              SC3c             311-70-10
SAWYER, Glenn Calvin           Sea1c            382-61-55
SHIRLEY, Frank Howard          FC1c(R)          262-37-52
SOZA, Mike George              Sea1c            382-61-54
STEINERT, Herbert              MM2c             337-29-32
TAYLOR, Harold Carleton        MM1c             258-10-59
USRY, Homer Leon               F3c              360-60-01
VANDER VEER, Dick Richard      Sea2c(V-6)       664-05-12
WALSH, Leo William             Sea2c(V-6)       664-38-87
WARREN, George Buford          Sea2c(V-6)       630-20-84
WEBSTER, John Thomas           Fc3c(M)          379-79-63
WEDER, "W" "E"                 F3c(V-6)         UNKNOWN
WELCH, Earl Hermond            CCS(AA)          201-33-11
WELSH, ANDREWW Joseph          MM1c             228-23-95
WILLIAMS, Frank Michael        SOM3c(V-6)       680-10-47
WILLINGHAM, "W" "N"            Sea2c            356-65-01
WILLIS, Billy (n)              Sea1c            656-10-94
WILSON, Charley Herman         Sea2c            382-61-34
WIMMER, Orman Rudolph          F2c(V-6)         636-11-19
WISEMAN, Richard Francis, Jr.  MM2c             243-67-78
WISSEL, Walter Frank           Sea1c(V-6)       633-39-83
WOOD, William Andrew           Sea1c            266-54-21
GRREN, "A" "D"                 Matt2c           UNKNOWN


NAME & INITIALS                RATE             SERVICE NO.

ALEXANDER, Franklin Paul       Sea1c.            287-53-66
ALEXANDER, Marion Edgel        Sea1c.            287-51-55
BAKER, Franklin Richard        F1c.              311-67-02
Berry, Robert Earl             Sea2c.            347-06-59
BIANCO, Charles John           SM3c.             243-69-22
BOGUE, William Orange Jr.      MM2c.             268-44-19
BROWN, Johnie Howard           F2c(V-6)          640-41-26
BULMAN, Donald Cameron         F1c.              201-71-41
BURROUGHS, "G" "W"             GM3c.             272-39-02
CHAMBLISS, William (n)         EM3c              295-73-83
CLARK, Charles Allison         TM3c.             295-73-88
COLE, Floyd James              F1c.              272-39-16
DeWITT, George William         MM1c.             223-51-87
DICKENS, Claud Wesley          Sea2c.(V-6)       604-50-32
FORMAN, Floyd Eugene           TM3c.             243-77-35
FRIED, James Francis           Sea1c             400-92-70
GAGNE, Fred (n)                CWT(AA)           210-79-28
GRAHAM, Kenneth Edgar          Som3c.            238-64-02
GREGORY, William Leslie        BM2c.             265-69-11
HASS, William Louis            GM2c.             223-65-43
HATCHER, Charles Anthony Jr.   CWT(AA)           380-49-61
HENDERSON, Paul Lee            F1c.              258-05-51
KEE, Kenneth Russell           Sea2c.            283-56-97
LAIDEY, Robert Allen           RT1c.(V-6)        320-91-81
LILLIE, Jordon Watten          Sea2c.(V-6)       624-62-53
LUCAS, John Samuel             GM3c.             256-35-99
MALONE, Olin Caver             TM3c.             274-74-29
MARTIN, John Henry             Sea1c.            274-74-02
MASSEY, Morris Muldrew         Sea1c.            274-74-12
MAUPIN, Robert William         Sea2c.(V-6)       663-14-95
MAXWELL, Roy Edward            Sea1c.            269-00-64
McBRIDE, John Matthew          Sea1c.            224-41-03
McCLINCHEY, Louis James        Sea1c.(V-6)       662-10-15
McLACHLAN, William Thorburn    Sea1c.(V-6)       646-06-37
McLEAN, Richard Nelson         F3c.(V-6)         553-00-56
McNealy, Charles Edgar         F2c.              266-54-08
NORTON, Clifford Green         EM1c.             316-26-07
PACIFICAR, Prodito (n)         Matt3c.(V-6)      663-36-80
PIERCE, Charles Fred Jr.       Sea2c.(V-6)       624-97-35
PORTER, Jentry Stancill        TM2c.             262-59-37
REITH, Paul Robert             Sea2c.            276-21-08
SHOCKLEY, John Anger           RM3c.(V-3)        410-97-80
SIECK, Elmer Francis           F1c.              321-59-62
SPENCER, Lawrence Edward       Sea2c.            382-97-97
STANDEFER, Raymond Deparmer    F3c.(V-6)         640-41-21
STRICKLAND, Jack Parker        MM1c.             268-18-69
SWISHER, James Arthur          Sea2c.            382-61-38
THOMASON, William Floyd        CPhm(AA)          261-70-06
TUDOR, Lawrence Lee            GM3c.             300-38-51
VASZKO, Charles (n)            MM2c.             283-31-96
VERNUM, Burton Edward          SC3c.             238-79-45
WHITTAKER, Robert Earl         Sea2c.            243-98-33
WILLIAMS, Cloyd Harry          F1c.              283-31-95
WRIGHT, Charles Edmond         Sea1c.(V-6)       644-07-03

        Petty Officers in charge:- GAGNE, MATCHER AND THOMASON


NAME & INITIALS                RATE             SERVICE NO.

ADAMS, Aubrey (n)              Sea2c.(V-6)       616-67-81
AIKIN, Irving Joseph           FC2c.             243-69-27
CLEMENTS, Julian Thomas        SC2c.             272-15-09
DRISKELL, William Myrtice      Sea2c.            360-57-31
FATTORISSO, Thomas James       F1c.              223-94-55
FERREIRA, John Martin          Coxswain          291-82-87
GOSS, Herbeirt (n)             WT1c.             375-59-75
GOSSETT, Ruby (n)              F1c.              300-38-69
HARTY, William Joseph Jr.      CTM(AA)           243-43-67
HEIM, Innooence Ludwin Jr.     SC2c              243-69-23
KENNY, Henry Lee Jr.           F3c.              382-98-99
KORNAGAY, David William        F2c.              262-98-07
LAND, Melvin La Vern           Sea2c.(V-2)       633-43-19
LARSON, Lewis Kent             F3c.(V-6)         555-57-83
LOS, Stanley John              SM3c.             201-71-51
LOWMAN, Winder Spessard        WT2c.             371-97-01
McDERMOTT, James Edward Jr.    MM2c.             243-64-20
McDONALD, Edgar Jr.            Sea2c.            212-73-09
MEEGAN, Henry Francis          Sea2c.            202-02-90
PETRECCA, Michael (n)          CMM(AA)           206-49-31
PETTY, Robert Doyle Jr.        Sea2c.(V-6)       624-97-24
PINION, James Agburn           Sea2c.(V-6)       604-50-03
SIEGWALD, John Morral          F2c.              311-40-26
SMITH, James Harold            Sea2c.(V-2)       640-42-13
SPURLOCK, Elwood (n)           F2c.              382-61-53
SUDALL, John Erwin             F1c.              316-76-30
THOMSPON, James Alpha          RM1c.             258-11-28
TRELLA, Paul Joseph            F1c.              250-54-30
TRELLA, Peter                  Cox.              250-56-56
UPTON, John Chapel             Sea1c.            382-61-43
Upton, William Edward Jr.      Sea2c.            202-02-68
URBANY, Edwin James            RM2c.             250-54-31
WEST, William Harrop           MM2c.             279-65-74
WILLIAMS, Richard Wayne        Sea2c.            372-39-73
WILLINGHAM, Harold Edward      Sea1c.(V-6)       636-09-52
WILSON, Carl Martin            Sea1c.(V-2)       656-10-85
WINDERS, William Earl          CM3c.             287-52-36
WOJCIEHOWICZ, Julian Charles   FC2c.(M)          223-65-81
WOODARD, David Oliver          F2c.              268-98-02
WRIGHT, De Forrest Jay         Sea2c.            311-83-29
YOUNG, William Frederick       Sea1c.            262-98-49
SULLIVAN, "J" "E"              Unknown 
MITCHELL, "P" "R'              Unknown
INIMAN, Paul                   Unknown
SMITH, Frederick Joseph        CQM(PA)           200-54-58
PETTY Officer in Charge: - 
                           William J. Harty
                           Frederick J. Smith


NAME & INITIALS                RATE             SERVICE NO.

MC CARTY, James John           Sea1c             225-41-36
LINDSAY, Willey Junior         Sea2c(V-6)        604-07-13
GOODENOW, Authur Gates         Sea1c             234-30-08
HALL, Marvin Gene              NM3c(V-3)         410-56-66
SMYTH, James Ellis             Sea1c             393-61-42
BEHRENS, George Theodore       DM2c(V-6)         648-03-49
REEVES, Arthur Sidney          TM1c              223-30-68
VALENTO, Joseph Phillip        Sea1c             300-28-80
WALSH, John Andrew             Lt(jg)(DV(G))     USNR
COLLUM, William John Jr.       Lieut.            6059
ADAMS, William Hargis          Ensign            USN
SHAW, Claude Buford            Lt(jg)            USN
COULTER, Leon Arthur           MM1c              310-72-65

Officer in charge:-   Lieutenant C OLLUM, W. J. JR.


NAME & INITIALS                RATE             SERVICE NO.

AYERS, Stanley Erwin           WT2c              223-46-32
SPEUDA, Kenneth Lee            CCM(AA)           320-80-86
LLOVE, John Edward             Sea2c             262-97-02
ZDYE, Leo (n)                  Sea1c             238-79-39
CLOVIS, Thomas Herbert         SM1c              375-69-33
BAKER, Oscar (n)               WT2c              395-17-04
LANGDON, Hubert Gomes          WT1c              271-84-57
WINTHROW, Ralph Charles        Rmkr 2c           279-65-76
SWAFFORD, Robert Joseph        Sea1c             342-41-77
HOLLOWAY, Martin Arthur        Y3c               207-25-48
COOK, Aron Stephen             Warrant Radio Electrician
CROPPER, Vincent Albert        Y2c               243-69-32
GRASSO, Albino (n)             SOM3c(V-6)        662-56-91
KIMBALL, Floyd Charles         CWT(PA)           341-53-74
HAMMONDS, John Dowling         MM1c              346-59-19
ZIEGLER, Marland John          Sea1c             243-98-03
ANDERSON, Berrion Palmer Jr.   Ensign DV(S)      USNR
CHANDLER, Marland Hewes        Ensign DV(S)      USNR
NUMBO, Veloris Raymond         F1c               337-56-07
WEEDEN, Melwert Charles        F1c               300-38-44
ALEXANDER, Russell "C"         MM2c              279-59-54

  Officer in charge:-   Ensign CHANDLER, M. H.,  U.S.N.R.


MAKEIG, Daniel Clare           Lieut(jg)DV(G)    USNR
CONLEY, John Joseph            Cox               290-84-50
MC TAGUE, Gerald Peter         Sea2c(V-6)        650-05-08
OLLIS, Samuel Allen            Sea1c(V-6)        656-10-64


SKELIG, James Joseph           Lieut(jg) EV(G)   USNR
MC CANN, Charles Henry         MM1c              212-41-51
SMITH, David Paul              MM2c(V-6)         632-09-12
SPEARMAN, Roscoe Paul          CFC(AA)           291-37-10
SWIFT, Vernon Floyd            F3c               382-99-19
HUTCHENS, Frederick Lowell     Y3c(V-6)          411-30-23    

Information on the WALKE


History of the U.S.S. WALKE DD-416

Sims Class
Completed - 1939 - 40

DD 409 SIMS 
DD 418 ROE


   1,570 tons (stand)
   2,300 tons (Mean War Service)
Length: 348' (oa)
Beam: 36
Draft: 18' (max)


4 5"/ 38 DP
3 40mm singles
2 40mm twins
4 20mm
2 DC tracks
4 DC projectors
2 21" TT (quads)


Speed: 35 knots (max)
Max. Cruising radius:
  2,200 miles @ 25 knots 
  4,700 miles @15 knots
Horsepower: 50,0000 (shaft)
Drive: 2 screws; geared turbine
Fuel: 489 tons oil (max)


  Slightly longer and wider than the ELLET's, the SIMS Class are otherwise 
very similar.

  They were lengthened to accommodate a fifth 5"-gun which was subsequently
replaced by additional light AA batteries.  The torpedo tubes are given high,
center-line mounts.  As the last American one-stack destroyers, they mark a 
transitional stage in development between the basic CUMMINGS-GRIDLEY design
and the BENSON-FLETCHER group that followed.

War losses include:

SIMS (DD409)
BUCK (DD420)

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