Car # 25 Urban Agent 400

Urban Agent
Urban Agent is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Josh Henson that debuted in the 2008 New Models. It was originally listed on the 
2008 Hot Wheels Poster as "Locked & Loaded," but the name didn't clear for international trademarking, so it was changed to "Urban Agent." 
The car features a missile that actually fires. 

Manufacturer:  Unknown
Engine: Unknown 
Horsepower: Unknown 
Acceleration: 0-60mph: Unknown 
Top speed: Unknown

Hot Wheel: Weight: Length:

Year:  2011
Collector #:  231 / 244
Series: Faster Than Ever 9 / 22
Color:   Dark Blue  / Yellow & light blue stripes, "22"  
Interior Color:  N/A 
Wheel Type: OH5
Races in 2011


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