Book I've read that might interest you
Author Name Title Publisher Name
International Code of Signals Hydrographic Office
Warships of the Imperial Japanese Navy, 1869-1945 Naval Insitute Press
Baker III, A. D. US Naval Vessel 1943 Naval Institute Press
Baker, A. J. Midway the Turning Point Ballantine Books
Bywater, Hector C. 1931 The Great Pacific War Applewood Books
Belote, James & William Typhoon of Steel: The Battle for Okinawa Bantam Books
Berry, Henry Semper Fi Mac Berkley Books
Blair Jr., Clay Combat Patrol Bantam Books
Silent Victory J. B. Lippincott Co
Boyington, Gregory "PAPPY" Baa Baa Black Sheep Bantam Books
Bulkley, Jr., Captain Robert At Close Quarters PT Boats in the U.S.Navy U.S. Government Printing
Campell, Christy Air War Pacific Crescent
Cooper, Bryan The Battle of Torpedo Boats Pan Books
Cortesi, Lawrence Bloody Friday off Guadalcanal Zebra
Gateway to Victory Zebra Books
Valor at Okinawa Zebra Books
Costello, John The Pacific War 1941-1945 Quill Books
Cunningham, W. Scott Wake Island Command Popular Library
Cunningham, Chet Hell Wouldn't Stop
Orsl History of the Battle Wake Island
Carrol & Graf
Davis, Burke Get Yamamoto Bantam Books
Davis, William E. Sinking the Rising Sun
Dog Fighting & Dive Bombing in World War II
Zenith Press
Donovan, Robert J. PT 109 McGraw-Hill
Fahey, James J. Pacific War Diary Zebra Books
Freeman, Roger A. Mustang at War Doubleday
Gallant, T. Grady On Valor's Side Avon
Griffith II, Samuel B The Battle for Guadalcanal Bantam
Gunston, Bill Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War Two Military Press
Hara, Capt. Tameichi Japanese Destroyer Captain Naval Institute Press
Hoehling, A. A. December 7, 1941 The Day the Admirals Slept Late Zebra
Hoyt, Edwin P. Blue Skies and Blood The Battle of the Coral Sea Jove
Closing the Circlr Warin the Pacific 1945 Avon
Guadalcanal Jove
McCampbell's Heroes Avon
Storm Over the Gilberts Avon
The Carrier War Avon
The Glory of the Solomons Stein & Day
The Jungles of New Guinea Avon
The Men of the Gambier Bay Avon
To The Marianas War in the Central Pacific 1944 Avon
War in the Pacific Strrings Avon
War in the Pacific Triumph of Japan Avon
Jensen USNR, Lieutenant Oliver Carrier War Simon and Schuster
John Costello &, Terry Hughes The Battle of the ATLANTIC The Dial Press
John E. Lane &, Eric M. Hammel 76 Hours: The Invasion of Tarawa Bellmont Books
Johnston, Stanley Queen of the Flat-Tops Bantam Books
Kerr, E. Bartlett Surrender & Survival Morrow & Co.
Lee, Robert E. Victory at Guadalcanal Zebra Books
Lent, Henry PT Boat MacMillan Co.
Lockwood, Charles A. Sink'em All Bantam Books
Lord, Walter Day of Infamy Henry Holt & Co.
Maloney, Edward Chance Vought "F4U" Corsair Aero Series
Manchester, William Good-Bye Darkness A Memoir of the Pacific War Dell
Mayo, Lida Bloody Buna Playboy Paperbacks
Merrill, James M. Target Tokyo Popular Library Books
Miller, Litt.D., LLD., Francis Trevelyan History of World War Two Universal Book and Bible
Mosley, Leonard The Battle of Britain Time Life
Motley & Kelly, J. & P. NOW HEAR THIS! Zenger Publishing Co
Newcomb, Richard F. Iwo Jima Signet Books
Olds, Robert Helldiver Squadron Dodd, Mead & Co.
Parton, James Impact "Winning the Pacific Skies" National Historical Society
Paul B. Ryan &, Thomas A. Bailey Hitler vs. Roosevelt Free Press
Polmar, Norman The Ships and Aircraft of the U.S. Fleet Naval Institute Press
Preston, Antony Aircraft Carriers Gallery Books
Battleships Bison Books
Battleships Gallery Books
Reynolds, Clark G. On The War Path In The Pacific:
Admiral Jocko Clark
And The Fast Carriers
Naval Institute Press
Ross, Bill D. A Special Piece of Hell St. Martin's
Sanford, Donald S. Midway Bantam Books
Schultz, Duane Wake Island Jove
Sears, David The Last Epic Naval Battle NAL Caliber
Sherman, Frederick C. Combat Command Bantam Books
Sherrod, Robert Tarawa Bantam Books
Sledge, E. B With the Old Breed Bantam Books
Smith, S. E. The United States Navy in World War II Ballantine Books
Steichen, Edward U.S. Navy War Photographs Bonanza Books
Steinberg, Rafael Island Fighting Time Life
Stone, Scott Pearl Harbor The way it was Dec. 7, 1941 Island Heritage Books
Sulzberger, C. L. World War Two American Heritage
Thomas, Evan Sea of Thunder Simon & Schuster
Thorpe, Brigadier General Elliott R. East Wind, Rain Gambit
Tillman, Barrett Clash of the Carriers NAL Caliber
Toland, John Infamy
Pearl Harbor and its Aftermath
Tregaskis, Richard Guadalcanal Diary Random House
Tully, Anthony P. Battle Surigao Strait Indiana University Press
Vader, John New Guinea the tide is stemmed Ballantine Books
Vandegrift, A.A. Once a Marine Ballantine Books
Victor A. Salamone &, Charles E. Pfannes The Great Admirals of World War Two Zebra Books
Wernick, Robert Blitzkrieg Time Life
Wheeler, Keith The Road to Tokyo Time Life Books
Wheeler, Richard Iwo Zebra
White, W. L. They Were Expendable Harcourt, Brace & Co.
Whitley, Howard One Damned Island After Another Chapel Hill
Wukovits, John One Square Mile of Hell "The Battle for Tarawa" NAL Caliber
Y'Blood, William T. The Little Giants Naval Institute Press
Young, Peter The World Almanac of World War II Bison Books


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