Car # 12 Twin Mill III

Twin Mill III
The Twin Mill III is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Josh Henson that debuted in the 
2008 New Model. The Twin Mill lll was made for many generations and one of the 
coolest cars in the world. It made a full working Hot Wheels version that can get up to 
900 k/h. It has two V-50 engine and front air intake. This car is faster than lightning. The 
Twin Mill III is the best car desiring in Hot Wheels.
Manufacturer: Unknown
Engine: Unknown
Horsepower: Unknown
Acceleration: Unknown
Top speed: Unknown

Hot Wheel: Weight: Length:
Year: 2010 Collector #: 57 / 240 Series: 2010 Track Stars 1/ 12 Color: Metalflake Lime Green / Hot Wheels logo on rear Interior Color: Chrome Wheel Type: OH5 Races in 2011 1st. Wins Losses
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